Recommended Books
The Gun and
the Olive Branch

"Massively documented"
Author David Hirst's undated 2003 edition adds 130 pages to his myth-breaking history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is worth buying for the new section "9/11-Never Ask Why" alone.
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Fateful Triangle
"Powerful and thoroughly documented."
Author Noam Chomsky added chapters, a new preface, and there is a new foreword from Palestinian author and activist Edward W. Said. It has new material on the Intifada, the ongoing Israeli-PLO "peace process" (including the Oslo and Wye accords), and Israel's war against Lebanon.
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Buy Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel, and the Palestinians
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The History of Israel and Palestine

An Introduction to the Conflict Including Facts Often Omitted in Popular Presentations.

"I've spent twenty-five years in the Middle East ... in no part of the world is reporting so flawed, so biased in favor of one country-Israel" - Robert Fisk

“It is still difficult for many to believe that a deception of such magnitude is possible. Deceptions and false declarations have been the standard in the politics of the powerful, and certainly are in Israel’s policy toward the Palestinians from the start.” - Tanya Reinhart

"When the intellectual history of this period is someday written,
it will scarcely be believable." - Noam Chomsky

"In my entire experience with American journalism, I have never found anything as extreme, sustained, and omnipresent" - Alison Weir

This extremely flawed reporting is especially dangerous because, as the Sept. 11 Commission report revealed , Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the man who conceived and directed the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, was motivated by his strong disagreement with American support for Israel. This extremely flawed reporting is especially dangerous because Mohammed Atta, the lead hijacker pilot who flew into WTC, was "most imbued actually about Israeli politics in the region and about US protection of these Israeli politics in the region. And he was to a degree personally suffering from that" according to a German friend that talked with him. This extremely flawed reporting is especially dangerous because Osama bin Laden has stated , "We swore that America wouldn't live in security until we live it truly in Palestine . This showed the reality of America, which puts Israel's interest above its own people's interest. America won't get out of this crisis until it gets out of the Arabian Peninsula, and until it stops its support of Israel." -Osama bin Laden, October 2001

This information is important because it relates to the topic of terrorism. It literally is a matter of life and death.

The History of Israel and Palestine is a story of politics of the powerful. A story of how the aggressors have successfully painted themselves as the victims. How the dominant Zionist agenda has perpetrated so many deceptions and made so many false declarations that the reality of their racist ideology is obscured to many in America. As absurd as it may sound, there are people that really can't fathom the idea that popular culture would be anything less than an optimized conduit for truth. But it isn't and misconceptions about Israel are part of the popular presentation of Israel. Why do the misconceptions persist? What access is given to those that try to shed light on unpopular truths?

"I should much rather see reasonable agreement with the Arabs on the basis of living together in peace than the creation of a Jewish State." -Albert Einstein

It is unreasonable for Jews to insist on a supremacist system that violates the rights of non-Jews. This can't possibly be too difficult to understand. An unjust system is what the father of Zionism plotted to impose upon the Palestinians and to drive the majority of them from their land. It was what Israel basically is, a system of Jewish supremacy. In fact Herzl didn't even think Jews immigrating into Palestine would result in the desired outcome unless it was based on supremacy!

"Immigration is consequently futile unless based on an assured supremacy "
-Herzl, the Father of Zionism 1

The father of Zionism plotted ethnic cleansing and Jewish supremacy from the beginning. Many Zionists justified ethnic cleansing as a necessary evil. Today the ideology wraps itself in rhetoric that positions the Israeli system as victim. The often used refrain is that critics of Zionism are calling for Israel to be wiped out of existence with the implication that it means literly to wipe Jews out of existence. The insistence of every Israel supporter I have communicated with is that ending Israeli system means Jews would be killed. It is a shameless use of "Jews will be killed" in order to justify the continuing injustices.
NOTE: What isn't clarified is what Israel actually is. Israel is a system of discrimination and without that discriminatory system Israel doesn't exist according to Zionists.
Ending the Jewish supremacist system is considered "Israel ceasing to exist". Not that ending the supremacist system will lead to "Israel ceasing to exist" but that ending the supremacist system would be by definition "ending Israel". Zionists consider the racist foundation to be an essential characteristic of Israel without which it would not be "Israel". It would not be "Israel" if all citizens had equal rights. What this means is that someone cannot call for equal rights without being accused of calling for the "destruction of Israel". Ending the system of discrimination means that Israel ends since Israel is a system of discrimination.

What is the root problem of the Israel and Palestine conflict?
The root problem of the Israel and Palestine conflict is that the Jews running Israel are unwilling to allow non-Jews to have equal rights. That is the fundamental problem and cause of the conflict. These Jews are Zionists with the agenda to continue the Jewish supremacy in that land. That is the cause of the conflict and why it continues. What the Zionists basically demand is that non-Jews must accept permanent second class status, continued discrimination and unresolved thefts and ethnic cleansing.

The Zionists' creation of their "Jewish State" was carried out with the crimes of rape, massacre, theft, torture, and ethnic cleansing. As these crimes became know (actaully known in Israel more than in the US where the crimes rarely get mentioned) the tactic of labeling those daring to speak about these crimes as "anti-Semites" was employed.

Recommended Books
on Israel and Palestine

1 Herzl, The Jewish State, Rita Searle, London, 1946, p29 quoted by David Hirst, Gun and the Olive Branch: The Roots of Violence in the Middle East, Nation Books; 2nd edition March, 2003 p. 138
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