This book has explosive stories of corruption in the media, our culture and our political system. Understanding Power is a compilation of Noam Chomsky's startling examples of abuse of power and lies. Peter R. Mitchell and John Schoeffel have done a great job editing the book and an outstanding job of creating footnotes that are available on the web. The footnotes are such a good reference tool that Chomsky himself uses it to refer to. The editors have assembled the best of Chomsky's talks and it is the most readable Chomsky book I have seen. "Indispensable Chomksy" is exactly what it is. Buy it here

Before and After by Phyllis Bennis is good book about US Foreign Policy and the September 11th Crisis. It is worth buying for the second chapter alone which is titled "Long Before: The US in the Middle East". She hits the nail on the head when she writes, "... change in the Arab Middle East was their primary purpose. So US policy in that region remained central to the September 11 crisis." The book also has a foreword written by Noam Chomsky. Buy it here

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911 Motive

Why America was attacked


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9/11 Motive

911 Motives

Why terrorists attacked The United States

9/11 Motives

9/11 Motive the reason why al-qeada targets America. It is not what Bush tells you. Buy the book and spread the word.


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