An increadible 2 CD set by Noam Chomsky. This is something you must hear if you want to understand what the agression agaisnt Iraq is about (also includes discusion of economic system and human rights) It includes a comprehensive analysis of the economic sanctions against Iraq and explains why the U.S. wants to control Iraq. Chomsky takes the major points of State Department rhetoric and systematically and brilliantly, destroys them all. He explains why excuses such as, "Saddam is a threat to his neighbors", "he's building chemical and biological weapons", "he oppresses the Kurdish and Shiite populations of Iraq", etc., are hardly sufficient to explain the sanctions, the inspections teams, and the relentless bombings and the planned war.

Understanding Power by Noam Chomsky

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Public Opinion is based on what the Mainstream Media feeds the Public

Media's distortions and lies of omission manipulate the public into war with Iraq

Mainstream media's corruption, the distortions and lies of omission, forces us to be educators more than simply protesters. Only when the public knows the facts can there be effective resistance to the war. Public opinion is based on what the media feeds them and by what it withholds from them. The extreme dishonesty and lack of journalistic integrity was grotesquely evident when not one mainstream reporter dared point out that Bush lied on 9/12 about why we were targeted on 9/11. It is upon this Big Lie that the lies justifying a war on Iraq are built. The Bush team cynically considered 9/11 an opportunity.

"No Fly Zones"
were not
UN sanctioned.

There are glaring examples of journalists' abuse of their power. Most striking is the total exclusion of the fact that Bush's war violates International Law and U.S. Law. The media's assumption that lawlessness does not even merit a mention is sickening. They constantly allow the Bush Administration to sell this war with talk of Saddam's crimes without pointing out the role of the U.S. in helping him carry out these crimes. That Saddam most likely would not even be in power today had it not been for the U.S.'s own violations of International Law is never mentioned. U.S. policy makers helped Saddam stay in power even after the Gulf War. Reporters never question these polices or why American soldiers must now lay down their lives when the U.S. was supporting Saddam during his worst atrocities.U.S. involvement in Saddam's gassing is yet another story the media refuses to cover. (see also: Today's outrage was yesterday's no big deal )

Bush hypocritically lists Iraq's war on Iran as an example of Saddam's evil. If Saddam's war was evil, what does that make us who aided and abetted him? Never pointed out is that after the Iran-Iraq war (when Saddam actually used WMD) the U.S. did not push for inspections yet after the Gulf war (when Saddam didn't use WMD) the U.S. hypocritically insisted on weapons inspections. In fact the chemicals that were released were the result of U.S. bombing.

Constantly the media repeats official lies about why the inspectors left in 1998 and they are reluctant to tell the public about America's role in undermining the inspection process. (see also: Common Myths in Iraq Coverage) The media plays along with the "no fly zones" by giving the public the impression that they are authorized by the UN. They are not. The media has not done a good job telling the public that CIA opinion says an attack on Iraq makes us less safe. (Also both the CIA and FBI dispute terror-link claims made by the Bush Administration) Saddam has only used WMD when he had U.S. support and the historical record shows he is unwilling to use them when we make it clear we would retaliate. This is the policy that got us safely out of the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Also omitted from TV reporting is that fact that Saddam offered to withdraw from Kuwait and that the Gulf War need not have been fought in the first place. Forgotten is that the UN resolution in response to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait called for a negotiated resolution to the Kuwait conflict. Bush Sr. wanted his war and the media then as now served the war agenda. TV networks ignore the legal obligations of the US.

These are all ugly violations of the public's rights to know. If 100,000 protesters went door to door to distribute information with 100 flyers each, we would give 10 million Americans the chance to learn facts they would not have the opportunity to know if they rely on the mainstream media for news. We must remember that the war agenda's power is in what they can keep from the American public.

Join the fight to get these facts into the hands of the American public. Print up and distribute this flyer. Read footnotes at and help fight the ignorance that threatens our liberties. "A nation that expects to be ignorant and free expects what never was and never will be.'' -Thomas Jefferson

The national media ignored the fact that our government was caught lying! St. Petersburg Times editors approached the Associated Press twice about running the story on the wire, but to no avail. Likewise, the Scripps-Howard news service, of which-the St. Petersburg Times is a member, chose not to distribute the story.

Agencies dispute terror-link claims

February 3 2003
By James Risen, David Johnston

The Bush Administration's efforts to build a case for war against Iraq using intelligence to link Iraq to al-Qaeda and the development of prohibited weapons has created friction within US intelligence agencies, Government officials said yesterday.
Some CIA analysts have complained that senior Administration officials have exaggerated the significance of some intelligence reports about Iraq - particularly about its possible links to terrorism - to strengthen their political argument for war, Government officials said.
At the FBI, some investigators said they were baffled by the Bush Administration's insistence on a solid link between Iraq and Osama bin Laden's network.
"We've been looking at this hard for more than a year and you know what, we just don't think it's there," a Government official said.
The tension within the intelligence agencies comes as Secretary of State Colin Powell is poised to go before the UN Security Council on Wednesday to present evidence of Iraq's links to terrorism and its continuing efforts to develop chemical, biological and nuclear weapons and long-range missiles.

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