Explosive stories of corruption in the media, our culture and our political system. Peter R. Mitchell and John Schoeffel have done a great job editing the book and an outstanding job of creating footnotes that are available on the web. The footnotes are such a good reference tool that Chomsky himself uses it to refer to. The editors have assembled the best of Chomsky's talks and it is the most readable Chomsky book I have seen. "Indispensable Chomsky" is exactly what it is. Buy it here

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What Motivated the 9/11 Hijackers?

President Bush feeds us a lie about 9/11 in order to serve special interests.

Hiding 9/11 Motives: Big Media "Plays the Game"
The Media is playing along with President Bush's lie about why we were attacked.

Targeted because ...

We Don't Deserve
To Be Lied To

The President, along with the dominate domestic forces such as major media and the political elite, feeds the public a false reason for why we were targeted on 9/11.

WTC Pre-Collapse Bowing Debunks 9/11 Controlled Demolition Theory
"Inside Job" advocates push a false reason for why we were attacked on 9/11.

We are forced to be educators more than simply protestors. The game playing and lies of omission hurts our society. Print and distribute >>

Our government has lied to us before about Iraq!
Why does the media always presume the government is telling the truth when the government has such a horrible track record when it comes to telling the truth?

Media Blackout: Bush's War Violates International Law and U.S. Law

U.S. Spy Scandal ignored by Media

The US/UK imposed "no fly zones"
Facts about Iraq
he mainstream media has done a poor job reporting the facts surrounding Iraq.

The CIA and Saddam
The relationship goes back to the beginning. The media is uninterested in how the Ba'ath party rose to power. (because of CIA hand in it)

U.S. Involved in Saddam's Gassings
Scott Ritter and Richard Butler agree. The U.S. and Saddam Hussien were partners in war crimes. The U.S. gave technical advice on how to use Weapon of Mass Destruction, in this case chemicals.

U.S. Foreign Policy kept Saddam in Power

CIA Warns Attack on Iraq makes us Less Safe


Tom Murphy
Noam Chomsky

"...if you want to reduce terrorist atrocities, if you’re even sane, the first thing you do is look at their causes. ... If we want to know the reasons why things like this happen we are going to have to search the record." - Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky talks about Terrorism
Noam Chomsky is interviewed by web radio show "The Connection". Read partial transcript here or listen to complete interview here.

Direct Protests Against Major Media

U.S. Foreign Policy Makers' Business Decisions
Supporting dictators and hindering democracy has been the pattern of the actions of U.S. foreign policies.
For example, policy makers violated our basic American principles by engineering a coup to overthrow a democratically elected leader and subjecting the Iranians to years of rule under the Shah.

"They [people from the Middle East] perceive U.S. support for almost any ruler willing to protect U.S. interests -- routinely identified in Washington as "oil and Israel." "- Graham E. Fuller former CIA

Israel Violates the Conditions for Admittance into U.N.

Israel's History NEW: History Page
Far too many Americans are unaware of the basic facts of Israel and the relationship between Zionism and ethnic cleansing. UN Partition Recommendation

9/11 Intelligence Report
Report quotes Tenet who omits motives. Read the clear evidence from source material. ( see 1998 Fatwa motives)

Powell Lied about U.N. Resolution 1441

Control of Iraq's Oil

Democracy for Iraq?

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